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The "Biosphere experiment" is an autonomous urban gardening system. It can support plants for more than 10 days without any human input. The system is administered by a central processing unit (the Mainframe). In collaboration with a water tank and a continuous flow compost bin (the Rude Boyz) they produce the systems nutricients. The plants are planted in different units, depending of their size and requirements.

Switch on the mainframe and fill the fresh water tank with water. He compost bin tank and the Biolab can be activated later on. After you have plugged in everything its time to set up the cpu’s processor. The processor will then activate the water vlaves (during the time of watering), accordingly to the scheduled channel. The presure change will stimulate the pumps and fresh water will start to flow. Water will be filtred by the soil and collected at each pot’s gray water compartment.

Gray water moves by potential energy from unit to unit. It is then collected at the compost tank, where it is "recharged" by organic matter. Compost is made out of soil (80%), carbon based waste (5%) and nitrogen based waste (15%). This analogy produces thermophilic compost which accelerates disintegration. The system is based on the notion of continuous water flow and aims on the minimization of water loss.

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