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"The Dark Prince" is a character hidden inside every person. He appears at times of great mental/emotional despair or at times of unjustified solitude. He is an eternal traveler of the soul's path, a wanderer of land, space and seas and a fearless adventurer of life. The collection of his life's travels unfolds around him through everyday objects, that he has acquired from a realm of no-time, no-history and no-ethics. Those objects carry messages, answers and evidence of a secret tale written for a single reader.


"The Dark Prince" is a manifestation of existence, a fight between fact and fiction and most definitely a declaration of self-awareness.


The concept was materialised by 5 unique objects. A self portrait, an eucalyptus standing lamp, a cabinet and a pair of custom sun glasses. The artwork was promoted by a catalog, flyers and a short video (DVD) filmed and edited by Dimitris Koulelis.

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